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There are a lot of fun adventures to come. From competing in Crossfit competitions to a Paddle camp in Florida, and more paddle boarding.


I participated in the Lean Eating program for part of the year, but have found that it does not suit my needs any longer and have switched to a program called Eat To Perform at the beginning of November, which is more geared towards athletes improving  performance and at the same time shed some fat.  I did not lose any weight during 2014 but rater gained 7 pounds. A recent BodPod measurement determined that I lost 3 pounds of bodyfat and gained 10 pounds of muscle during the year. Yay! I discovered Crossfit in April and Paddle boarding in May and are embarking on a new journey to get really fit and would like to still drop some pounds! I participated in my first two paddle boarding races and enjoyed things like the Warrior Dash or the Spartan Race.

Current weight: 216 pounds
Bodyfat: 39%

2014-12-04 10.59.42 2014-11-15 09.38.34 spartan_small 2014-10-05 16.41.43

#1 in the bodpod, #2 creating a garden at work, #3 at the spartan race, #4 a river paddle tour

2014-09-14 10.35.34 2014-06-27 18.29.45 2014-12-06 08.25.25

#1 having some fun, #2 paddling on Lake Michigan, #3 the Santa hustle 5k

2014dash1  20140717-205830-75510013.jpg at badger

#1 at the Warrior Dash, #2 meeting friends in Germany, #3 during a WOD


I participated in the Lean Eating Program of Precision Nutrition during most of the  year. The total weight-loss stats for 2013 are:

Current weight: 209 pounds
Bodyfat: 42%



So is the LE program worth it? Totally! It will teach you to tune into the needs of your body and you will learn to make better choices. Self-compassion and “The Ebb and Flow” were two big things I learned. The amount of pounds you can loose depends totally on you and how well you follow the program.  Could I have lost more in this period of time? Maybe. But I feel it was just the right amount. A new lifestyle takes time and I really wanted to embrace and enjoy the process. And that is what I did!


I grew up in Germany and moved to the US in 1998. Winters here always seem to be so long and cold. So outdoor fun is limited to a couple of month a year.

Even so I have been overweight for most of my life, it never stopped me from being very active. I have done 4 triathlons and many 50+ mile bike rides in the past.

I love healthy eating and always have been eating lots of fruits and veggies. I am a big supporter of CSA’s and local farming and would love to help others to live healthy too, but being 100+ pounds overweight makes me feel like a hypocrite. I love food and I love to cook and I would like to share my passion for great clean foods.

I am ready for a change. I like to shed the excess weight so I can enjoy life to the fullest.


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