Are you a Moderator or an Abstainer?

Lets mix it up, shall we? Well I am fed up with my job. It has been going on for quite some time. But its starting to become wear on me. Good, I never wanted to wait in a job that I dislike that long for the next move. But sometimes all those convenience start holding you back, because heck it will get uncomfortable. Gosh I was really good on being adventurous in all aspects if my life, but then you buy a house and just settle.

Oh I skipped my workout, but only partially because it was too frigging hard. I really wanted to attend the first GTM with Pam about sugar. And good thing I did, I found out that I dont have to try to be a moderator when I am really an abstainer.  Are you a Moderator or an Abstainer?

I thought my sleep will just fall back into place when I get back to my “sleep-in” routine, but not so. Barely made it to 6 hours this morning.

Ok got to go need to do my skill inventory and start on my resume.



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