Ok, I really hate to workout at home. My motivation just packs up and leaves and I cant get myself to do those workouts. This needed fixing before it becomes a problem. I still was doing the T25 workouts but I felt less energetic about doing them at home. This morning I loaded them on my iPad including a long overdue iOS upgrade of my iPad and I still got my workout done at the gym plus locating 3 different spots where I could do those workouts. This routine will be a heck of a lot better. I just love my gym! I was quite sore today (after yesterdays trainer workout), another sign that something weird was up with my body. I rarely get sore even after heavy duty workouts. Today’s workout was T25 Ab Intervals.

20130905-180422.jpg 20130905-185107.jpg
I just finished fasting day #4 and I expected it to go just like those 3 before. One great meal for dinner and done, right? Well that’s not what happened. Lunchtime came around and the smell of food drove me kinda nuts. Mind you, I sit near a kitchen station with a microwave. I got a little cranky and left work around 4:30pm. I had my great meal for dinner, but it did not stop there. I had a bowl with tart cherries, nuts, chocolate and yogurt and then I had another one with peaches, nuts, chocolate and yogurt. Now I am stuffed, but happy. I did not like how today went, but oh well the day is over. I may move the IF day to Sundays. A day where I can rest and listen to my body better. I wont have to object myself to those smells and temptations. It will also be a slower no workout day where I can take a nap if needed.

20130905-181250.jpg 20130905-181307.jpg

Dinner: 1 sweet potato, yellow and green beans and beef tenderloin; bowl with tart cherries, nuts, chocolate and yogurt and one bowl with peaches, nuts, chocolate and yogurt.


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