Happy Monday!

The weekend flew by. I went canoeing for the first time on a small lake. I have to say paddle boarding is way more fun as you can just see more. But we still still had a wonderful time, as we first canoed around the lake and then swam across the lake. It was perfect! The temps hit about 94 degrees so its really best to be in the water when outdoors.🙂

I finally slept in my self-made Murphy bed for the first time! For sure it will need a mattress topper and some bamboo sheets to make it as comfy as my real bed, but other than that it works pretty well.


I now love that my prep time for the week is minimal since I switched over to once-a-month cooking or better the 6-weeks-cycle. It saves quite a bit of money and time. On Sundays I only have to prep my salads, which takes about 30 minutes.

2016-07-22 20.27.22

The groceries on most weeks run about $30. This weekend I made a German dish, to take to a friends house, German Potato Salad with Wieners. It was delish!

2016-07-24 07.38.152016-07-24 08.56.36

The salad prep, and bread packaged up for the freezer. That way I can grab a single slice quickly.

I am still getting back into my to my routine to take pics of my meals again.

Have a great start of the week. Happy Monday!

Becoming Debt-Free

It has been a journey! Looking back it was one awesome decision to quit the job that I hated for too long (in June 2015) and figure out what I really want and find ways to achieve  that.

In the process I realized having a bunch of debt paralyzes you and makes you slave to the lender, as Dave Ramsey would say. I took Financial Peace University this January, and are eager to becoming debt-free as fast as possible. I had about $67,000 in bad debt beginning of the year, and I also got hit with a $7,000 tax bill for 2015. I have cut all expenses to a minimum and hope to pay of the remaining debt by mid 2017. Since I have never been debt-free I cannot really say how this will feel, but as I heard it will be awesome.

After archiving being debt-free I will have to get my emergency fund filled up and then I can pay catchup on my 401K, before paying off the house. The advantage owning a rental is that your tenants help you pay the mortgage and other expenses. Though it does require quite a bit of work, and sometimes its a pain to deal with tenants. After 13 years I thought I have seen it all, but that is far from it. The adventures continue.

Home Project on the Fly

On Saturday I decided to make the patio a little bit more cosy, so I would love to spend some time out there. But also to deter my tenants cat sitting in from of my kitchen window and annoy my kitties.

I had some fish netting in mind, but went to Menards to maybe get an inspiration. The solution only cost me $20 and I love it! Though that tenants cat still found a gap to get into my area this evening,  right as I wanted to let my kitties out. So I tightened it down a little more.

2016-07-16 15.40.55

Before. Just not inviting to sit out and enjoy some fresh air.

2016-07-16 17.25.03

Just a couple of boards, bamboo and some hardware for around $20 can make all the difference.

2016-07-17 12.34.29

I now love to hang out there and so do the kitties.

2016-07-17 19.15.57

The tower is loving the summer. This is the before/after progress in just ONE week.

2016-07-17 20.27.53

Todays meals on top, and the weekly salad prep on the bottom.

Did I find my dream job?

Yup, I did! I had planned to have a job by end of December, but everyone who ever had to hunt for a job around this time of the year, knows that things will just slow down, and only the really desperate ones are out there. I got a call from a recruiter on January 5th.  I don’t like recruiters so I never pick up my cell nor do I call recruiters back. Adam was different, he called back the next day and we had a nice chat. He was sure that he found the perfect match for me, I wasn’t so sure. But I got an interview that Friday with the hiring company,  and I started my new job on January 25th. That hiring company was called Derse. Its a very cool company, with super nice people and a great environment to thrive, and fun projects to work on.

I have already done a bunch of pretty cool things, some mobile app development (the bulk was done by an outsourced company),  implementation and testing on iOs and Android platforms, and the app is now live in both stores (iTunes and Google Play). I am now getting my feet wet learning Ruby on Rails, writing a subscription based web app. In addition to supporting their legacy applications. I really love the challenges and freedom I have, and my co-workers are fantastic too.

Though I had to switch my workouts back to 7am again as I was skipping too many of my noon workouts. I just couldn’t seem to get back into the routine, as I felt like I would rather work on a project then working out. The amount of great food around there is dangerous. This is a company with great taste and lots of things to celebrate.

They even took me to see the trade show of trade shows, called Exhibitor, in Las Vegas. It was a lot of fun.

2016-02-24 08.13.49 2016-02-29 14.53.13 2016-02-29 14.49.10

My emergency kit for my first day at derse and Vegas (middle and right). Our company won Best in Show with the booth.

Finally back!

2016-07-10 18.13.47I am back! There is so much to write about. From my new awesome job, to working on becoming debt-free, to my fabulous tower garden, to once a month cooking and weekly salad parties, to just getting back on track with my weight-loss journey (which suffered a little after I found my new job).

A bunch of random cool things

Hydro BF Testing – by far the most accurate method. Fat floats! My body fat is down to 39.8% and with that my lean body weight is 138.2 pounds. So 170 pounds might be a great weight for me to target.

2015-10-02 17.48.10

DNA Testing – I am exited to see what the results will be. I just sent it back yesterday.

2015-10-02 17.50.40

Pumpkin Spiced Latte – The best! I cant wait to get up in the morning to make myself one of those.

2015-10-02 17.51.24

I am still learning new skills, but getting to the point that I can go and get myself a Ruby on Rails project for some good hands-on experience. Its just such a cool tool!

Pflaumen Kuchen aka plum cake a flashback from where I was little. and everyone seems to love it here too.

2015-10-02 17.47.34

Breakfasts – got to love those eggs

2015-10-02 17.45.35

2015-10-02 17.46.58

Time flies when you are having fun

There are way too many things going on.

Our crossfit garden is in progress. We are converting the back area that was just overgrown with weeds into a community garden.


I do go paddling once in a while, but not as much as I thought I would.


I am learning tons of new skills this month, stuff like Ruby on Rails (think pinterest, Twitter, Groupon, Airbnb, Hulu, MyFitnessPal as the really big ones), Angular, Python, Web services, etc

Got a new routine that I really like

6:00am –  9:00am    work/learn
9:30am – 11:00am    Crossfit workout/skill practice
11:00am –  3:00pm    work/learn
3:00pm –  4:00pm    break
4:00pm –  7:00pm    work/learn

On Friday I made up my own workout and its just not the same as doing it with others. I did 4 rounds of

20 pushups
20 lunges
20 situps20 cal rows

And it took me 17 minutes. I am sure in class I would have been faster.

Some days I go for a paddle in the early morning or later in the day. I am really shooting to work from home, at least for 2 to 3 days a week.

Oh and the pickles are really awesome, very crunchy and delish in taste!

Super cool gadget: Luci – the little solar lantern that floats.

2015-09-05 14.18.37

Today’s meals – got close!

2015-09-05 19.27.18